Milan Fashion Week Spring 2011: Donatella Versace Goes Dolce and Westwood!!

Donatella Versace’s secondary collection, Versus, is usually short, tight – and dark for fall and pink and blue for spring. But for this spring, Versus looks more like it came from Vivienne Westwood or Dolce & Gabbana – or it could be the love child of both of them. Why? Most of the dresses were close to the body – girdle-like, actually – and well over the knee, which is the dress shape and silhouette that’s signature to Dolce & Gabbana. They could have been straight out of Dolce collection. The first group were all in primary color plaids: red, blue and yellow. Do people wear plaid in the spring? Not even Burberry goes that far. Plaid is very definitely associated with fall. The second group of either dresses, or tops and bottoms, were in tiny florals that were quite pretty – but Donatella couldn’t leave well enough alone, and started mixing the plaids with the florals. Then she added obi sashes – a big trend for spring – and her last group was a color block of many solids in one dress that just didn’t work at all. The full floral dresses are cute, but they are very Dolce & Gabbana derivative. The rest just don’t work at all, they’re too loud, too bright, and too over the top – even for Versace? Will anyone in Hollywood wear these? They won’t have to, because Donatella will put them in couture.

A model walks the runway during the Etro Milan Fashion Week Menswear Spring/Summer 2011 on June 21, 2010 in Milan, Italy.
Milan-Fashion-Week-Spring-2011 Men Wear
Milan-Fashion-Week-Spring-2011, Women Wearing Collection


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