Sunsilk introduced six of it’s co-created product–Damage Reconstruction, Dream Soft & Smooth, Hair fall solution, Anti-dandruff solution, Lusciously Thick & Long and Stunning Black shine variants– in Pakistan together with four zen experts Jamal Hammadi, Teddy Charles, Tom Taw and Dr. Francesca Fusco.Converge Technologies being their Digital Agency is providing SMS, IVR, Online advertising and Digital PR services.
The main idea is to create  an overwhelming digital presence influenced with talkability and to own all the keywords relevant to ‘hair care’ on multiple digital mediums.
Following are the service provided:
  • SMS “Sunsilk” to 5892 or call 0800 Sunsilk IVR and not only win exciting prizes but know the Expert for your Hair Type and get weekly hair tips from them.
  • Online Advertising on various local and international sites via Google, MSN, Yahoo and Facebook text ads. (Case in point.
  • Digital PR campaign to sign up Online Ambassadors and social content:
    • Microsite for Experts
    • Facebook fanpage
    • Twitter page
Converge Technology is the first of its kind Digital Agency of Pakistan, firmly knitted with leading local and international mobile operators, marketing organizations, content providers and premier global industry trade associations such as Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, Mobile Marketing Associations, Pakistan Advertising Society, etc. These alliances have enabled Converge to standardize its procedures and have facilitated in making the organization a trend setter in launching and leading some of the biggest Pakistani brands to the Digital Marketing Arena.


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