Summer Hair Styles

With the rising temperatures of summer, most women are looking for new hairstyles. They'relooking for something new and flirty, as well as a style that keeps them cool. Pulling all ofyour hair back and braiding it is one summer tip that never gets old, but for the summer of 2011, try the fishtail braid. It’s equally as convenient, but yet a little edgier than the traditional braid. 

Wearing a pulled back bun is also one of the oldest tricks in the book. This summer, try adding the Alexander Wang braids on each side, just to give it a little life! For women who don’t mind a bold change, a curly or wavy bob is for you. It’s wild and breezy for the summer, and the humidity won’t even affect it. Don’t forget to buy floral and solid colored headbands and clips to add spice to your new hairstyle tips! 
-Jasmine LaFlora
Asian Summer Hair Style
Medium Short Cut Hair Style for Summer
Wavy Hair Style
Summer hair Style
Shoulder Length Curly Hair Style
Layered Curly Hairstyles


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