Meng Yao Meng Yao Basic Information

Basic information
Name: Meng Yao Meng Yao
Nationality: Chinese
Height: 1.69 Mi Meng Yao's measurements: 34D, 26,36
Weight: 49 kg
Birthday: June 14 (according to Sina information is May 19)
Place of Birth: native of Shanxi Datong
: Shanghai
Constellation: Gemini
blood type: A type
Hair color: Black
Eyes: Black
Family: Parents
Specialty: singing, dancing
School: Beijing Dance Academy
favorite colors: black, white, red
favorite food: Spicy food for all
favorite plant: flowers (lily)
favorite actor: Sophie Marceau
favorite song: Big Big World
favorite movie: "Spark"
Favorite animal: Dog
favorite sport: warm-up yoga
favorite book: "Fu Lei," "John Christoph"
favorite accessories: scarves
Interests : singing, dancing, reading, Knock-off DVDs, fitness, Internet
dream: the creation of self-worth and become a good actor.
"jittery" decoration Meiling (female one) Director: Liu resolutely 24 set
"iron color plateau" decorative summer ozuki (female one) Director: Zhang Jun Zhao 20 set
" Tung Blossom seed "ornaments Tung Blossom (female one) Director: Bing-left 25 sets
" highlighted the danger, "Jane decoration (female one) 20 set
" boys and girls, "decorated Ann (Actress) Director : Shu just 20 episodes
"end crime," Tong Tong
decorative film actress
"silver" ornaments Primacaine (female one) Director: Huang Jianzhong
"Her secret case" decoration Pristine (female one)
"BA" decorated Dolma (female one)
"Summer Rain kept" decorated Juanzi (female one) Director: Jin Zhao (Taiwan)
"Capture of seven seven vertical and seven pervert "female one Director: Chung Ching
" My wife is a gambler, "female one Director: Wong Jing Jing 2008, the latest version of casino gambling chip to create beautiful music video
Mellen St.
MV "Heaven is Suzhou and Hangzhou" actress
TOP Top Mobile Image Representative 2002-2003


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