2010 Top 10 Bollywood Rumours

We love them yet we gossip & b** about them. When they are not entertaining us on screen they engage us with juicy rumours. So, before we bid the year goodbye, we bring you the top 10 Bollywood rumours that made us jump off our seats!
2010 Top 10 Bollywood Rumours
Ranbir Kapoor’s Infidelity
As much as we all hate to admit it, we know that loyalty is always an issue with most Bollywood actors. So while many of them might have had their own share of multiple affairs, what do you do when your girlfriend decides to get candid about it?
That’s what happened with actor Ranbir Kapoor, whose recent infidelity rumours seem to be the biggest topic of discussion in B-town. Ex-girlfriend Deepika Padukone decided to get vocal about his ‘cheating’ nature, and indicated his lack of loyalty on a chat show hosted by Karan Johar. And ever since, the poor actor seems to have lost his huge female fan following to a certain extent. We say he deserves it ;)

2010 Top 10 Bollywood Rumours
Aishwarya Rai’s Pregnancy
Now this one was hardly a surprise. In fact a lot of sources spoke about Aishwarya’s pregnancy prior to her marriage, being one of the reasons for their hush-hush wedding.
Aishwarya was even rumoured to be pregnant when she cancelled an event trip to Dubai due to poor health. It was then that people believed that the poor health was due to her pregnancy.
And if that wasn’t enough, the poor actress’ weight gain post her wedding didn’t work to her advantage either. In everything that the lady wore, not just the media, but the people too, speculated a baby bump. And you say, we spread the rumours. Tsk tsk!

2010 Top 10 Bollywood Rumours
Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori AffairEver since actor Hirthik Roshan expressed how excited he was for his movie Kites and to act opposite sensuous Barbara Mori, it was speculated that the ‘so-far-loyal-husband’ is already an infidel!
The Hrithik-Barbara affair news even went on to say that the actor was divorcing his childhood sweetheart Suzanne Roshan. As usual, as soon the movie failed, the rumours faded too!

2010 Top 10 Bollywood Rumours
Salman-Asin Marriage
You must be thinking, wasn’t it Asin and MS Dhoni? Well, that’s old news. A recent rumour that’s got everyone’s attention is Salman Khan’s marriage to Asin Thottumkal. The same has been even reported in several papers in the south, and even Asin was flooded with congratulatory messages from her fans. And while everyone’s going ga-ga over the news, the two stars have been enjoying the rumours. Asin had even reported to Mid-day, “You know, I'm quite enjoying the joke about my wedding. I've been in my bridal outfit taking the saat pheras, for a week now.” 
What’s funny is that the actor who is otherwise always irritated with rumours about himself, has taken this one quite sportingly. As per the same report, Salman was found shouting "Hey guys, I've finally done it," around film city.
Guess it took 40 years for the actor to infer how to tackle with celebrity rumours ;)

2010 Top 10 Bollywood Rumours
Salman-Katrina Split
This would surely pass off as one of the most heard-to-death rumour. The news about Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif splitting has done the rounds so many times, that it doesn’t seem to amuse anyone anymore!
The rumours started when Salman Khan ended up fighting with Shah Rukh Khan on Kat’s birthday bash couple of years ago. They again escalated with rumours of Salman not being too happy with Katrina acting with Akshay Kumar. And yet again when Katrina acted with Ranbir Kapoor in Ajab prem ki Ghazab Kahani and Raajneeti.
All we can say is that it’s high time the couple be left alone! And us too ;p

2010 Top 10 Bollywood Rumours
Deepika Padukone and Siddharth Mallya’s AffairIf Ranbir got Katrina, how could Deepika Padukone be left without being linked up to someone?
Deepika and Kingfisher scion Siddharth became the talk of the town when they began to enter and leave parties and social gatherings too often. And ever since the actress has hit it off with Siddharth, ex-boyfriend Ranbir is believed to be stalking Deepika in the middle of the night! Guess someone’s getting jealous, say what?

2010 Top 10 Bollywood Rumours
The Shah Rukh- Farah SpatThey apparently fought because SRK had no time for her movie Tees Maar Khan and Farah could not wait any longer and casted Akshay Kumar. So just to prove him wrong Farah decided to go ahead with the project with SRK’s rival Akshay Kumar.
And what’s worse is that the director seems to have made a good amount of fun of King Khan in her movie with the character of Aatish Kapoor (played by Akshay Khanna). Now that’s not the way you react after a fight with an old buddy, is it?

2010 Top 10 Bollywood Rumours
Rani Mukherjee and Aditya Chopra’s MarriageActress Rani Mukherjee has been dating director Aditya Chopra for quite a while now, and rumours about their marriage too have done the rounds several times.
While there was news about the duo tying the knot next year, the actress this time seems quite displeased with the rumours. She has not only dismissed the news as false on several occasions but has also shown her irritation to pose against a bridal outfit at a recent event, fearing the media interpretations. For an actress who’s heard several rumours about herself, we wonder why this one should bother her so much?
2010 Top 10 Bollywood Rumours
Shahid-Priyanka’s On-Off Affair
Did an emotional conversation over the phone do it, or was it making out at an airport that sparked off the magic again? If you heard that they’re together today, bet you’ll hear of their break up tomorrow! Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra have been in the gossip section of the news channels for their break ups and make ups so many times, that even they might have lost the count!
While the duo is never ready to fully reveal about their relationship (even gossip-king Karan Johar couldn’t make them do so ;), they surely do seem quite in love, don’t they?

2010 Top 10 Bollywood Rumours
Kangana Ranaut Cosmetic SurgeriesShe looked like a stick when she entered the industry, but now she looks much fuller and gorgeous, specially in her recent release Once upon a time in Mumbai. While she says it’s due to the hours she spends in the gym, everyone says it is the magical word that keeps B-town divas beautiful – surgeries!

While initially it was the very obvious lip job that the actress was rumoured to have gone through, now it is a chest enhancement surgery and a few others to get rid of wrinkles.
However, Kangana seems to be indifferent towards the rumours, and as per a report, she passes it off with a  - “A 20 something girl doesn’t need a face lift.”   
2010 Top 10 Bollywood Rumours
Which 2010 rumour has amused you the most? Leave us a comment and let us know!


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