Gioachino Rossini (220th birthday/Leap Year)Google Doodle

Google honors the italian composer Gioachino Rossini with a funny frog-doodle. Rossini was born 220 years ago, on 29th february 1792. This year is a leap year. And because frog leap Google used to show frogs to symbolize the leap year. So the Google designers decide to celbrate both. And the combine the frogs with a scene of the famous Rossini opera “The Barber of Seville”.
Hop nobody says that Google thinks Rossini’s music is just “croak croak” ;-) Here the Rossini-Doodle:
The scenery plays in a forrest with green gras. Four frogs can be seen. On the left a frogs plays piano. A blond hair frog sings a love song while jumping up. I think she symbolizeses the leap year :-) On the right sits a frog ready to get shaved – what an idea :-)
 Gioachino Rossini Photo


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