Olay Total Effects

Olay Total Effects
With mass media advertising and years of experience in the skin care and anti aging industry, Olay is probably one of the best known wrinkle treatments. They have a whole range of anti aging formulas, and would certainly be considered as experts in the field. The ingredients are not based on organic produce, but the treatment does contain most of the ingredients fount in typical anti aging creams.
What the product claims
The total effects range claims to be able to reduce and even remove fine lines and wrinkles, whilst also soothing and exfoliating the skin. The exfoliating properties of the product are said to smoothen and even out the texture of the skin, giving it a younger look. The nutrients within this moisturizer should leave your skin with an even, yet young and vibrant glow. This product is also hypoallergenic, meaning it is suitable for all skin types, without being at risk of having an allergic reaction. It can also be used as a general purpose moisturizing lotion as it hydrates the skin making it smoother and firmer. The anti oxidants that this formula contains, work toward preventing damage to the skin, and promoting repair and regeneration of skin cells
Though the Olay brand is a well established and recognized name in the cosmetics industry, the website or the packaging don’t seem to state any clinical evidence to back Olay’s claims of fighting the signs of aging.
The product review
What we liked about this product
Olay have an extensive and very well organized online store, making their product very easy to get hold of. The brand is known worldwide for specializing in anti aging, but in comparison to many other market leading anti aging formulas, this one seems to be fairly cheap. The formula is very easy to apply, as you start to rub it in, the skin starts to absorb the formula instantly. After using this product, skin became smoother and firmer, so the product did help reduce one sign of aging.
Olay Marker preview
What we didn’t like about this product
Even though a lot of Olay’s product ranges are known to be effective sun blocks, it is unsure if this product in particular contains enough SPF to be useful. The treatment did rub easily on to the skin, but some people said that the solution was too greasy, and felt unpleasant when applying it. Other users said even though fine lines and wrinkles are less apparent after applying the formula, the product still does nothing to actually remove the signs of aging, it merely reduces the appearance whilst the treatment is on the skin.


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