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Sunsilk Shampoo
Sunsilk Shampoo
Sunsilk Shampoo
Sunsilk Shampoo
Sun silk shampoo is a product of the unilever group of companies that operate in over 69 countries in the world. The product was launched in 1954 in the United Kingdom; from then on the shampoo has been launching different brands and variations from the original shampoo. The first deviation was the sun silk tonic shampoo which was launched in 1960, it was designed to prevent any infections from attacking the scalp and still keep the hair clean, and the active ingredient in this tonic shampoo was allatonin. The other milestone that is worth mentioning was the repackaging of the shampoo into PVC bottles which are used up to date.
With much research sun silk shampoo products have undergone scientific restructuring to fit into different hairs and different hair conditions, since not all hair is similar in the degree of hardness, curling, color and density. These differences make it hard to cater to the hairs needs just by having one universal product, thus the different releases of the sun silk shampoo.
The first sun silk shampoo that is aimed at managing and maintenance of curly hair is the captivating curls line of shampoos, though aimed at maintaining the curls in the hair the shampoo is also responsible for health of both the hair and the scalp. The active ingredients in these range o shampoo are rosemary and chamomile. These components smooth and calm the hair by fighting frizz and unruly hair behavior.
The other shampoo range that is a product in the sun silk shampoo brand is the sun silk daring volume shampoo line. It is a product that is intended for people with a large hair density. The shampoo tends to fight of the compacting of hair due to its high volume by having the bonding of hair less and creates the appearance of hair that is aerated and thus ensures that the hair has a ‘bounce that fits the runway’. The shampoo is made with collagen amino acids that moisturize the hair and reduce the effect o sulphur and still create no significant impact on the hair’s weight.
Then there is the sun silk hydra TLC shampoo that is made with milk protein and hydrates from honey that provides the hair with moisture, and protects the hair from end splits and chronic fly-away. This brand is associated with rough and dry hair locks.
All these sun silk shampoo products are aimed at trying to keep the hair stylish and healthy.


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