Mark Twain Photos

Mark Twain 
A portrait of the American writer Mark Twain taken by A. F. Bradley in New York, 1907.

Samuel L Clemens4 1940 Issue-10c

Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens), age 15 Photo
Mark Twain House 
Description;; Mark Twain House, 351 Farmington Avenue, Hartford, Hartford County, CT - Interior, first floor, library, east wall with fireplace and mantle, without scale.
Mark Twain in 1867
Mark Twain (penname of Samuel Langhorne Clemens) in the lab of Nikola Tesla, spring of 1894.
Grave Of Mark Twain
Mark Twain headstone in Woodlawn Cemetery

Mark Twain DLitt

Official portrait of Mark Twain in his DLitt (Doctor of Letters) academic dress, awarded by Oxford University.

Mark Twain Cabin Exterior

Mark Twain in 1909
Mark Twain photo portrait. One of a series of photographs taken by A.F. Bradley for the purpose, arranged by George Wharton James, of helping California poet laureate Ina Coolbrith after she lost her home in the fire following the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. In his New York City studio, Bradley placed Twain on a revolving platform to make the capture of different lighting "looks" easier on the subject. The portraits were signed by Twain and sold for Coolbrith's benefit. Twain said four of the series were the finest images ever taken of him.


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