UsTrendy Offers Designer Fashions for Under $100

UsTrendy announces their selection of dresses for under $100. The company is highlighting some of its best designers and offering huge discounts on their merchandise.
New York, NY (PRWEB) October 31, 2011 not only makes finding indie clothes that have unique style and design a thing of ease, now with their selection of dresses for under $100, they are making it affordable as well. The company is highlighting some of its best designers and offering huge discounts on their merchandise - and for fashionistas with expensive taste and a low budget, the fit couldn't be more perfect.
UsTrendy knows that there are all sorts of people out there that interested in their products. With so many people sick of the cheap, unimaginative quality found in big box stores and shopping malls, attention is turning towards companies that can produce variety. is ideally situated to become a leader of the indie fashion movement and an oasis for the desperate fashion fiend. With their one-of-a-kind designs and assortment of looks, UsTrendy can offer consumers the choice they've been craving.
While most indie designers produce clothes that come with a heavy price tag, UsTrendy is offering dresses for under $100 to make sure that no matter what the users budget, they do not have to dress like everyone else in the mall. With options for formal dresses and casual dresses for parties, prom and every event under the sun, UsTrendy is hoping to inspire their customers by giving them better choices. Because there are so many unique designers, there is no end to the different styles and cuts customers can choose from; no matter what their personality or body type, there will be an affordable dress that will suit their needs.
This price reduction is just one of the many ways that UsTrendy is rewarding their customers. By having indie designer dresses for under $100, they make it possible for people who might only be able to afford secondhand and big box stores to get a taste of what real fashion can be. Avoiding the mass-produced imitations of what the major labels are producing, UsTrendy promotes designers who think outside of the box and whose offerings are distinctive.
Additionally, with all of the added attention that they receive from selling on UsTrendy, indie designers are more likely to make a name for themselves in the fashion world. And the more indie designers that make their mark, the more creative options shoppers will have to work with. is a forum for aspiring designers to sell their creations and for the fashion-conscious to buy them. With dresses for under $100, UsTrendy is hoping that many more consumers will have the opportunity to make truly unique clothing choices.
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